"thank you Nirvana for buying us beer, thank you Nirvana for letting us play here"

"who are you, why am i here??????" - void

- my name is Josephine

- i will be 18 on august 15th

- i live in rhode island (gross)

- i love music, art, and film

some bands i like are: brainiac, unwound, TFUL282, red stars theory, lync, modest mouse, polvo, don caballero, minutemen, KARP, mudhoney, dead kennedys, mecca normal, kicking giant, fugazi, jawbreaker, jawbox, fitz of depression, nation of ulysses, sebadoh, godheadSilo, melvins, and a lot more.......

my favorite films are: ghost world, welcome to the dollhouse, clerks, slacker, kids, THX 1138, party girl, trainspotting. not very interesting but that's okay